We saw a problem,
so we reimagined it

We wanted to reduce tedious and repetitive work, create solutions and get more done in less time.

Welcome to LightYear Docs!

We’re sticklers for saving time, money and amplifying business growth

LightYear Docs was founded on the belief that providing practical solutions that improve an accounting or financial services business would revolutionise the often-complicated legal documentation and client advice process. Designed with you and your business in mind, our innovative platform allows you to create documents, learn and implement strategies and benefit from expert knowledge, partnerships, and member benefit programs. We help professionals reimagine their businesses from day one by empowering them with some of Australia’s most strategic and advanced documents, collaboration tools, and strategies. 

100’s of docs

Our platform provides our professional users access to more than 120 different types of legal documents with sign off on master templates from Abbott & Mourly lawyers.

24/7 support

With seven day a week administration, legal and technical support. Whether it is a simple platform question or an advanced strategy for our technical team – there is no saying no!

Educating business

We are strong believers in the Learning Organisation – the wealth of a business being seen in the learning and knowledge of its team.  Our Knowledge Centre is full of content and weekly webinars.

How we got here

Officially launched in 2018, LightYear Docs began its journey back in 2015 with the launch of sister company, I Love SMSF. We've gone from the newest player in the legal documentation space to the most expert and trusted platform available. Don't believe us? Have a look at some of our accomplishments below and book a demo today. You (and your businesses bottom line) wont regret it! We promise.

  1. In 2016

    I Love SMSF was launched by founder Grant Abbott. Ashleigh Jaremyn worked alongside Grant to bring to life his vision of empowering SMSF advisers with the knowledge and strategic mindset to build their businesses and focus on the importance of the Family SMSF (soon to become the six-member fund).
  2. In 2017

    Grant Abbott released his best selling book "The Guru's Guide to SMSFs" across Australia. Hundreds of accountants and financial planners still benefit from and refer to this text every single day.
  3. In 2018

    Grant Abbott and Tony Anamourlis formed TGA Legal. The wheels for the first LightYear Docs platform were put in motion.
  4. In 2019

    LightYear Docs was first launched after 12 months of incredible teamwork by Grant Abbott, Ashleigh Jaremyn and newly appointed director Michael Jeffriess. Michael was also appointed CFO and took over the growth of our partnerships, and continues to build this network today.
  5. In 2020

    The LYD team grew almost five times its size, and the LYD BOD closed off its first and highly successful capital raise. The idea and design for LYD2.0 began to be put together. Ashleigh Jaremyn was named top 10 Women in Finance for the innovative LightYear Docs "Strategy as a Service" model. An accolade for the entire team.
  6. In 2021

    The journey towards LYD2.0 went full steam ahead, with Ashleigh Jaremyn leading its design and implementation. Grant Abbott focussed on growing the newly branded Abbott & Mourly Lawyers (previously TGA Legal) and formed Australia's first Succession, Asset Protection & Estate Planning Advisers Association. Michael Jeffriess launched partner brands I Love Accounting (Employee Share Plans and Outsourcing), We Love Bookkeeping, and We Love Loans. LightYear Docs was also named Startup of the Year in the Australian Digital Technology Awards.

Teamwork makes the dream work

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