Focus on work that makes your team better.
Automate the rest.

LightYear Docs is a document automation software that liberates accountants and financial services professionals of routine work, unravels the true value of a legal department, and helps companies grow, scale, and thrive.


Our product experts will show you the in’s and out’s of our industry leading software.

All-in-one document and strategy flow

We know navigating new systems can be a challenge, this is why we are always at your fingertips. Shoot us a message and we will guide the way!

 Resources for clients

Client tools and letters

We provide a huge collection of client tools, data capture documents and advice letters to make your job easier. Just search our knowledge base!

Interview Process

Seamlessly import your client data

…or pull information from one of our integrated services and complete the document with absolute ease in record time.

Editing and Collaborating

Editing and sharing has never been easier

Relaunch completed documents, share completed ones

with your team, or notify management for review.

Storing and Organizing

Centralise your docs on ONE platform

Ditch storage services like Dropbox, OneDrive & Google Drive. Keep it all secure in ONE platform.

Upskill with our CPD & CPE

Weekly Webinars

We help our users stay ahead of the game. We’ll even help you identify new client services to offer.

150+ legally backed documents that will help you sleep easily.

We pride ourselves on independent, stable and expert legal sign-off through our partners at Abbott & Mourly Lawyers & Advisers. All of our documents are subjected to a vigorous three-monthly review process and we guarantee that our documents will stand the test of time. We offer template sign off plus individual sign off for when you need that extra peace of mind. The choice is yours. Need more convincing? Request the Abbott & Mourly letter of advice from a member of our team.


Hours Saved


Documents Sent

Spend less time!
Save more money!

Simplify, automate & sleep easy

Reduce lawyer & accountant costs

Every document has been created with the eye of the law by Abbott & Mourly lawyers, this means each document has full legal sign off. 

Save time in producing documents

Put time back into your day by automating your workflow. Our documents are designed to reduce time and effort while keeping compliant.

Keep it real with us humans

Ditch the bot support, we may be a document automation platform, but we’ll always keep it real with our human customer to help you every step of the way.

100% Secure & Reliable Platform

We have crafted our platform with the utmost care to protect yours and your client’s private data. We stay light years ahead!

Learn how we can help
you get s#*t done.

We don’t just make creating and sending a document easy,
we also give you access to over 500+ expert created
documents that you can use, edit and send. That’s right.
You’d might as well go on holidays.

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